Triple D Classic
Just finished uploading the top 3 freestyle videos for the Triple D Classic this past Saturday. You’ll find them in the Observational Footage section on the Large Videos page. It was a real freakshow of a contest, too bad more people didn’t show up. What other contest has punk rock bands, comedians, magicians, and freaks like Steve pouring hot glue down his pants? Anyways, I shot video of all the madness which I’ll hopefully be posting in the near future.

A year ago, I had the opportunity to train Holt McCallany (Fight Club, Men of Honor, Three Kings) to yo-yo for a new movie. Well, I finally got some info on this movie and you can check it out here. Supposedly it’s coming out this month, although I haven’t heard anything about it and the last time I talked to Holt, he said it was scheduled to come out in the summer. Should be good for a laugh if anything else. There’s supposed to be a scene where the Lieutentant suspects the submarine is headed in the wrong direction because when he walks the dog with the yo-yo, it starts leaning the wrong way! Ah… Hollywood.

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