Triple ATurns out some of you monkeys are pretty smart after all. For those of you still stuck in the cage, part of the AAA site has been opened. The weird thing is that Bride was only planning on opening the site once he had everything completed. This past weekend, while everyone else was at BAC, I was at home sick with a cold. At about 11:45pm or so I heard a knock at the door. I staggered over to open the door, but I only found an unmarked envelope with a small splash of what looked like blood on it. Inside the envelope I found a CD containing the files which you can now access by poppin’ the Triple A logo to the right. Just plain weird.

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New Duncan ProyoYo-Yo freak John Higby sent me some sweet stuff in the mail yesterday. Even the mailing label was a customized piece of art! Go check out the goods in the X-Axis Spin Lab. It’ll turn your brain into powdered toast. Thanks John!

So what’s the good word? Well, I’ve gone to the depths to find out anything new I can pass along to you guys. Here’s what I came up with. The lucky members of the Duncan Crew are going to be getting some signature models soon. How soon? Well, I think it’s safe to say by the end of the year, but don’t hold me to that. I knowmy main man Steve is doing his best to get through all the red tape at Duncan, but that’s quite a task and he definitely has his work cut out for him. But don’t worry, the homeboy’s Shaolin so he can handle himself and then some. If things go smoothly, we should have the first four signature models by Worlds.

I’ve also talked to my source down in San Diego. Let’s call him “The informer.” Apparently the Fakies line of yo-yos is doing really well and that’s great to hear since most companies seem to be struggling right now. “The informer” even said that they are working on a new process that will help keep the graphics on even longer. It’s rare that a company will fix things before people start complaining so I really have to hand it to them.

Here’s something really cool. It seems that most people have missed the fact that this new really great source for yo-yos has recently emerged. You won’t have to look too far to find it either. Now let’s see how smart you monkeys are.

That’s it for todays update. I’m working hard on the new DXL section of the glasslab. I’m hoping to open it in the next week or two. DXL Crew members who still haven’t sent in their profiles, you better get to it or you’re off the team! By the way, my wife gave me some Tussionex Pennkinetic cough syrup the other night and I haven’t been the same since. I keep having halloucinations that I can see out of my glass eye which prompts me to burst into a quick verse of “Dunacanaida, you da pimp”.

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I received some new Mr. Yodels in the mail today from my favorite Canadian John Higby, aye?! Notice the new Duncan Proyo pogs on the back, aye? It always amazes me how much detail John spends customizing each Mr. Yodel. From the detail he puts into painting the patterns to the self-dyed string to the custom-made pogs, it’s some really incredible stuff. John, you’re a freak… but that’s exactly why we love you! If you’d be interested in purchasing a Mr. Yodel so all your friends and family will envy you, send $11 (price includes shipping) to:


P.O. BOX 7023


Or contact John via e-mail at
Definitely a great price for these custom made yo-yos.

Cloudy Mr. Yodel FrontCloudy Mr. Yodel BackCloudy Mr. Yodel Side

Ladybug Mr. Yodel FrontLadybug Mr. Yodel BackLadybug Mr. Yodel Side

Lightning Mr. Yodel FrontLightning Mr. Yodel BackLightning Mr. Yodel Side

Oceanmist Mr. Yodel FrontOceanmist Mr. Yodel BackOceanmist Mr. Yodel Side

Pinata Mr. Yodel FrontPinata Mr. Yodel BackPinata Mr. Yodel Side

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