Go Watch Below!Been awhile! Yes it has, but still around and kicking. Hahahaha can’t believe it’s already March and only my first post of the year. Sorry guys, but thanks for being dedicated and checking everyday. (That means you Ambri!) Thanks for everybody’s support through my surgery. I’m recovering well and should be returning to work tomorrow. joy. So first off, remember that BIG MOVIE that I trained that actor to yo-yo for? Yup, the same one that no one ever heard about before. Well, that movie has been released on video today! The movie is called Below So go rent it. It’s a good movie, but pansies need not watch it cause it has a SPOOOOOKY GHOST in it. Bwahahaha! Some funny facts for you guys. The movie takes place in the 1940′s I think. You can hear the bearing spinning inside the yo-yo. Holt actually uses the holster on his belt. hahaha… good stuff.

A quick shout out to Duncan and the DXL Crew!!! Duncan is working hard to come up with some really killer stuff. Can’t wait to get my hands on that stuff. Better yet, can’t wait to get my signature edition Throwmonkey *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*. At this point it’s just wishful thinking, but you never know! I know the Duncan Crew is supposed to get signature edition stuff eventually, so put me down for a Throwmonkey Uncle Steve!

DXL Crew member Dr. Mo will be getting his signature Yo-Yo Jam really soon. I got to play with a prototype and it looks and plays great. Should go over well with the masses. Oh yeah, DXL Crew members, the bonfire will still be coming so make sure you look for it! I’ll send some info out later when we decide on a date.

Many yo-yo people who also play CS have been asking me about where I play. So check this out… I’m currently a member of the dot-clan. I really like this clan cause they have alot of talent and it’s run by a great guy who puts alot of his time and money into it. We have 2 CS servers, a RTCW server, and a TFC server. The clan was originally a TFC sniping clan which went undefeated for four years I believe. Anyways, I normally play under the tag “[ . ] Joke|2″. I’m usually playing on the dot servers or on the Godhead servers. Go to theDot Clan Website for the dot servers or to theGodhead Website for the Godhead servers.

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