Glasseye here to give you the latest news in Duncan land. First of all, we just finished a pre-screening of a rough cut of the Yo-Yo Viking Tour DVD and it had us all laughing till our faces hurt. The cut we saw was about 3 hours long, but the final cut should be trimmed down a bit. Make sure you pick up a copy when it comes out. It owns you. I still have a lot more news to post tonight, so I’ll try to get more detailed about the video on another day.

Next up, some of you still don’t quite know what the Duncan Mosquito is. Until two weeks ago, I had no idea what it was either. Well, it’s the new undersized butterfly shaped yo-yo by Duncan. Here’s the description from the catalog: High speed ball-bearing axle. Aerodynamic rim-weighted shape. Lightweight butterfly body for high speed string tricks. Uses Duncan Friction Stickers for perfect response. Long spin times. Take-apart design. These should be hitting the retailers soon so be sure to check them out.

If you’re not doing anything tomorrow, Saturday March 26th, then come out to see us at Tom’s Toys from 11am-4pm:

Tom’s Toys
2281 Honolulu Ave.
Montrose, CA 91020

The store will be selling Duncan products. Not sure exactly what they’ll have, but I’m sure they’ll have most of the Hardcore Line in stock. I’ll be there along with Sibyl and Ambri. Hope you can come down and hang out with us.

The next bit of news that I have is kind of shocking. I received a phone call from Felix yesterday and as of this week, he is now Married to a lucky girl named Jana. They met in the Army and have been taken with each other ever since. Congratulations Fee-Fee!

Lasty, I archived some of the recent video releases from the boys down in Brazil. You’ll find them over in the Large Videos section. That’s all for tonight’s update. I gotta get to bed.

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