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I hope you’ve been following’s September to remember sales event. They have been having some AMAZING deals on product that is never on sale. I picked up this first quality Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works PEAK for under $80USD. It may still be a lot of bank for one yo-yo, but considering the retail price, $115USD it was a grand deal. And if you want to talk about quality, oh boy…..

Peak 12 v3.021

 Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works first public release was the PEAK. The originals were hand painted in a white eggshell finish, looked great. I was proud owner number 12 pictured above. There were less than 50 of the originals released to the public. The originals are hard to come by.

Peak Hulk Glass Lab

 For some time Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works did not produce the PEAK, their focus was on other products. The PEAK demand never died. Now we are on a lucky streak. It seems that the folks at the Lodge are in the game for good, producing quantities for the masses as well as special editions for the collectors. The HULK SMASH was one of my favorites, above with some yotoy flair. This is a Jensen Kimmitt signature edition yo-yo. If you don’t know Jensen, you must see him in action, amazing player and talented artist.

The Canadian based manufacturer, Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works, has been delivering some great looking products with playability to match. Their community support and amazing Team of players could be the future of the community. What ever they produce next I’m sure it’ll be HOTT.

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RecRev is back again, this time with their new yo-yo dubbed the Style Council Lunchbreak or SCLB for short. The one pictured here is a custom anodized one. I call it the Hawaiian Jungle Warrior Lurking in the Bushes to Stick a Spear in You anodize. I call the trademark on that name. Don’t bite. The current plans for the production SCLB is to have them anodized in a nice metallic mocha kona cocoa brown. I’ve seen the test samples and they look hot. The SCLB weighs in at around 67 grams and sports the new O-ring sized K-pads. These should be available to try at the National Yo-Yo contest in Chico, just see one of the RecRev guys. They will be available for sale at in the near future. Also watch for Anthony Rojas (RecRev, DXL Crew) to make a big banyan tree boom at Nats. Mahalo.


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YYF PlasticGL

YoYoFactory seems to think so. Perhaps the trend setting company is just adding to their superior arsenal of products.

Why go back to plastic yo-yo’s? Why not keep pumping out high quality Aluminum product? Well, they are still doing that too. It cost more to make a run of plastic yo-yo’s. The quality control of plastic production is harder to maintain. Reliability of suppliers seems to be less controllable. Plastic manufactures require larger scale runs. So Why? Why bother?

YoYoFactory is in the business to make a difference. They want to create a quality product for all levels of players. Just think about some of the grand players of today, I doubt John Ando and Augie Fash started on a $100 aluminum yo-yo. And with the quality of the latest plastic released I’m sure we will see more John’s and Augie’s in the future.

Did I mention that I just LOVE the Die Nasty, AMAZING..

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From Australia, Werrd Yo-Yo’s has continued the double bearing, “Beefcake” set up. The difference between this and the Spintastics version, metal, lots of metal. The quality and precision of aluminum compared to plastic, well,, there is none. 

The Aluminum Werrd TFLHigby888 is a precision machine. This yo-yo is part of a Artist series Werrd yo-yo’s was working on. The goal was to promote some of the artist in our growing yo-yoing community. I’ve seen a few of TFL888 Art Series see light, let’s hope the rest come out of the closet.

 It took quite a bit to acquire this beauty. The unique printing process makes it stand out without compromising play. The double bearing and silicone response, lovely weight distribution, and shape make this one hella player. This was my first Werrd product, I’m waiting for another in the mail.

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