This past Halloween I met up with a few of the guys from RecRev and we shot this video featuring the new yo-yo i. The i is the smoothest yo-yo that Alex has made up to date. Of the samples that he had with him, most had absolutely no vibe and felt good to throw. Pick one up if you have a chance, they should be shipping to retailers in about two weeks.

i from on Vimeo.

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It’s another first for me, my first MadHouse yo-yo that is. Now I feel like a slacker for letting prior releases slip by me. I’m starting to think the smaller boutique yo-yo company can’t be outdone. MadHouse falls into the boutique yo-yo company, they’ve released a little less than a handful of products in limited quantities. Why limited quantities? My guess is to maintain quality.


Last week I received a box of MadHouse yo-yo’s to photograph. It was the first time I had seen a MadHouse yo-yo in person. I’m now realizing why they sold so fast. The MadHouse 5150, Unkown, and Lucky 7 are all unique beauties. The Lucky 7 will be available shortly to the general public. I’d suggest you watch the on-line stores closely, a yo-yo this good lookin won’t be in stock very long. 


As for a review of the latest MadHouse product, Lucky 7, well I’d suggest you keep an eye on   I’ve tossed mine a few times, feels like butta on a string.

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