I’ve been a fan of Miguel Correa’s for some time. Following him from way back, The Texas Crew era. For years he and the other members of The Texas Crew were great promoters of our small community. It was always a good day when The Texas Crew released a new video, Eric Hesterman, Jesse Garcia, and Miguel put out some amazing video’s that advanced everyone’s playing level.

It’s always good to see good things happen to good people. For Miguel and the yo-yoing community the Genesis is a good thing. This beauty is a player first, followed up by some beauty. YoYoFactory and Miguel equate to some good vibes.

Purple Rain photo is not smoke and mirrors, just smoke.

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I was very fortunate to pick up this raw SPYY Punchline. I had some thoughts for color schemes, anodizing. But I thought it would be fun to hear your color ideas. Who knows perhaps I’ll use your idea. Please share your color thoughts. Results will be posted here on theglasslab.com.

The next run of SPYY Punchline’s is about to hit the on-line retail stores. Keep an eye on your favorite retailer for supplies.

So who has the skills to add some color to your yo-yo? Yoyoanodizing.com has been pumping out some crazy stuff lately.

Color is the spice of life, what’s your spice?

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California States was dope. The turnout was great, nice venue, good backing by the sponsors, all in all a great competition. Congratulations DrYoYo for running a topnotch contest. I booked my flight back in January so I could show up and help out as a judge for the competition. At that time it didn’t look like too many people were attending so I figured I would take an early flight home. So I ended up booking my flight to leave the Sacramento airport at 7:00pm. Then last week Chris announces that the top freestyles in both divisions will be getting $1000 each.

Guess what happens… everyone shows up! We even had Moriki from Japan who came down! The airlines ask that you normally show up at the airport an hour before your flight so I should have been there at 6:00pm. It was 6:20pm and I was still sitting at the table clicking Augie’s awesome freestyle! Man I was nervous I was gonna miss my flight. As soon as Augie’s freestyle ended I ran straight for the car with Alex who was going to drop me off, shouting my goodbye’s to all the homies as I ran by them. Haha. Thank God there were only two girls in front of me going through the security checkpoint. I made it to the gate right on time.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and support. It was good seeing all the new players. Thanks again to DrYoYo for putting on a good show. A big shoutout to all the DXL homies and other friends. And a huge thanks to my sponsor Duncan for helping me get to the contest to help out.

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Here are two videos from yesterday’s event. The first one is Jensen Kimmit’s $1,000 winning freestyle. The second is of DXL Crew member Paul Han’s badass freestyle. Be sure to look for the rest of the freestyles on Sector Y in the next week or so.

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No doubt you’ve had some love for Saturn Precision YoYo’s. I’ve had my chance to have  a few in my collection. I put a group of photo’s together to show some of the amazing details. Nothing new here, just some images I like.

The first SPYY I picke up, The Radian

Next addition was the Addict.

The roundness makes if feel great in the hand. One of the best balanced yo-yo’s I’ve tossed.

The Spyder was next, She was a wide yo-yo.

You have to do this color combo with a yo-yo named Spyder, it’s a must. What a looker.

Based off of the old wester style gun holsters, The Pistolero.

She’s HOTT.

The detail of the engraving is amazing.

With the help of 5A Player JonRob, SPYY desinged The Pure.

Due to the challenging machining work involved, there will be no more Pure’s produced. Look at the curve of the side cap, stunning.

Designed for 5A play, she can be used for just about anything.

SPYY has had several other model’s, these are just a few of my favorites. Rumor has it there are a few others in the works.

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