RecRev’s latest yo-yo, the no.9 made it’s debut at the DXL Crew meet over the weekend. My initial impression was that it looked an awful lot like a Superstar, but when I compared the two, there are a few differences. The no.9 is less wide than the Superstar and it also lacks hubstacks. The rim is completely circular shaped where as the Supertar is flat on the sides.  The side area of the no.9 which would normally have a hub is completely flat, similar to what you would see on a 44re:creation Sleipner.  For the response system, the no.9 is using General-Yo Hat pads.  Before being shipped off to retailers, the no.9 will be getting some simple laser engravings.  Alex said the retail on these will be $50.  This yo-yo plays as well as any other $100 yo-yo at half the price.  Look for them soon.

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