Dif-e-Yo Tank

Have you ever purchased a product and wondered if it was going to hold up to your usage? Cell phones come to mind, some of them feel so cheap I’d be afraid to put it in my pocket. Then there are some things you pick up and it just feels right, nice and solid. Craftsman Tools come to mind, they just feel good.  I’ve always considered Dif-e-Yo products to be the Craftsman Tools of the yo-yo world.

Dif-e-Yo Bone Chip

When you hold a Dif-e-Yo in the palm of your hand it just feels right. Constructed in the USA, high quality Aluminum, it’s solid, regardless of the model.

Why are Dif-e-Yo’s so solid? A huge axl helps, simplistically yet well designed, and the focus on playability vs aesthetics. Also each yo-yo is tested by the owner, Frank Dif-e-Yo, prior to shipping to retailers. My only wish for Dif-e-Yo product line is Silicone. I wish they would move to a more modern style response, thin groove, silicone response. I have become a silicone lover. The consistency of silicone is something I haven’t been able to get from other responses.

Let’s hope more companies step up to the plate and create products that feel the way they should, solid. Dif-e-Yo has set the bar high, but I’m sure there are others who can keep pushing it higher.

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I took the dive into a second quality yo-yo, YoYoFactory B-Grade DV888. I’ve always been a bit skeptical on investing into something that is being sold as less than meeting standard. This time around YoYoExpert made a deal I couldn’t pass up. The Price was right for the product. 

B-Grade to me used to mean, shelf yo-yo, something that would wobble so much it wouldn’t function as designed. I was wrong. This B-Grade DV888 plays nice, there is a vibration to it, something I wouldn’t expect to feel on a first quality yo-yo. The color is probably not what YoYoFactory expected either, I dig it though. There are some markings on the body that probably aren’t supposed to be there, don’t bother me.

You can see from the markings, YoYoFactory wanted to make sure everyone know’s this is a B-Grade.

The bottom line, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a second quality yo-yo. Nothing wrong as long as the consumer’s expectations are at the right level. The price is worth it in my simple opinion.

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