I picked up a few cool yo-yo’s from our local yo-yo meet up, lot’s of trading going on. There are a few folks in El Paso, TX that happen to throw yo-yo’s. Were trying to get it to grow a little more. If your in El Paso, want to meet up with us drop me a line through this web site and I’ll give ya some details. 

I’ve owned a One Drop Project in the past, an original model, real solid player. The Project two is no different. The Project two has a slightly different feel, but just as solid. I’m not sure what the improvements are from the different versions. I do now I dig them both.


On the smaller scale I picked up this One Drop Dingo. Talk about different. This little fella takes some time to get used to. I’m so used to wing shape yo-yo’s that it makes it more of a challenge to land tricks on this undersized yo-yo. Once you get your practice on with the Dingo, going back to the larger wing shape yo-yo will amaze your consistency.

After playing with these One Drop YoYo’s I’m on a mission to pick up their latest model, The YFactor. Hopefully in the same fab Orange as these two beauties.

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I’ve done some trading lately, and have been pleasantly surprised. One nice surprise is the playability of the Kyo DNS by Kyle Weems. The DNS has met my weight limit, 65 grams. Since my elderly bones feel anything above 64 grams the weight of the DNS is tolerable for me. 

I’m a HUGE fan of the Duncan FreeHand line. When anything is produced that looks similar I have to give it a try. The DNS fit’s that mold. Although the FreeHand is a little more square the DNS has a great feel in the hand.

The thing that really impresses me with the DNS is the finishing touches. The Ano work. (color work) is simple and clean. The machine work is extremely clean. All of this equates to a really nice spinning yo-yo. I believe I’m the third owner of the yo-yo in the photos. Being the third owner, take a close look at the finish, still holding up.

I’m starting to think this yo-yo didn’t get the love it deserves when it was released. For the money you can’t go wrong.

Some stats from YoYoNation:

Weight                  65 grams

Width                    42.40mm

Diameter               53.7 mm

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