So I’ve been sorting through my old yo-yo’s. Came across a few Hitman by YoYoJam. I’ve always loved the shape and size of the Hitman. The stock response on the other hand is something I’ve always despised. Living in the desert, very dry conditions, the stock response, rubber O-Ring, in the Hitman would crack, dry up, or just plain fail. The stock weight is a little on the light side and the gap a little narrow. I still have major love for the Hitman.

 The Re-Do made a world of difference. Some simple silicone for response, shim the bearing out, add a tad bit of weight, and toss in a concave bearing and we have a winner. The only gripe now, and it’s a small one, vibration. All yo-yo’s vibrate, this one is just a little more noticeable.

 On to the art work. This Hitman was decorated by KC Jewel, aka John Rollins and John Higby. I just love the faded stars.

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This is an image I’ve had in my head for quite a while. I’ve always wanted to try to capture lasers in photos, solely for the personal challenge. What better yo-yo to use than a jewel encrusted Tom Kuhn No-Jive.

The yo-yo is a beauty. Jewels were placed by master craftsman, John Rollins of KC Jewel yo-yo’s. Tom Kuhn has a LONG history of creating special unique items, this is one of his beauties. 

My photo challenge was how to illuminate the laser beam long enough to capture in the camera. I tried several things, water mist, flour, dry ice, hair spray, etc. Being so close to Halloween I found a cheap fog machine worked the best. The laser is a simple hand held laser pointer, kind used for a presentation. If I do it again I will mount the laser, instead of hand held, to create a narrower beam. I’m cool with the results, hope you enjoy.

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