I’ve been playing with the YoYoFactory DieNasty for a while now. I refer to it as, “The FreeHand Killer”. The reason for the nick name, prior to the DieNasty the only plastic yo-yo I would play with was the Duncan FreeHand. Not so anymore, now the YoYoFactory plastic line is my go to plastic.

When the Glow edition was released I had to pick one up. The glow is really just a novelty, it only glows so long. It was different enough for me to desire one. The yo-yo is awesome, regardless of glowability, (did I just create a word).

The glow bracelet next to the yo-yo is from the GlowStrong campaign. My buddy Doug Grice has been selling these glow bracelets to help support cancer research. The cause is awesome, the donation is cheap, what’s not to like.

Visit http://www.glowstrong.org/donations.htm for more information.

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This is IT. The one for me. The new throw I can’t put down. And it glows. Seriously the one plastic yo-yo I’ve been wanting. The yo-yo that possesses all those little characteristics I didn’t even know I wanted.

For my aging hands and wrist the StarLight weight is ideal. Weight is a tad over 65 grams. The spin time is courtesy of the best bearing to come out lately, A large Central Bearing Company bearing. The yo-yo is brought back to the hand with the help of a slim silicone pad. The slight “H” shape helps nail down some of those laceration tricks I’ve been missing. You get all this technology and play for under $25.00 How on earth can you go wrong?

The yo-yo is not a beginner’s yo-yo, it does require a bind for return. I use a thicker string to help with the gap. If your reading this blog I’d be willing to bet you are way past learning binds anyway.

If this is a sign of what’s to come from the YoYoFactory plastic line, I’m getting pretty excited.

The glow panda and glow string do not come with the yo-yo. These were courtesy of my buddy Doug Grice, THE Glow Collector.

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I am no champion, but the new YoYoFactory NorthStar sure does make me feel like one.

 Jensen Kimmitt of Team YoYoFactory is a Champ. In fact Jensen is the 2010 World Single A division Champion. His influence on this plastic beauty is immense. The last few years the yo-yo player who won the World Yo-Yo Contest Single A division has used a aluminum yo-yo. This year Jensen Kimmitt won using his signature plastic model, NorthStar.

 I wasn’t sure what to expect from the NorthStar. Once I started throwing the yo-yo I knew it was special. I think there is some of Jensen’s mojo stuffed in each NorthStar. The yo-yo is a true player model, designed by and for true yo-yo players. There is only one plastic yo-yo in my collection that out plays the NorthStar. I’ll share that with you soon.

There are review’s all over the web, the one endorsement you really need is on the side of the yo-yo, Get Some!

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