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I filmed this video for RecRev a couple weeks ago. Finally had a chance to piece it together. This place was a pain to get to but worth it. Featuring RecRev team members Kalani Bergdorf, Alex Kim, and Anthony Rojas. Hope you enjoy it.

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RecRev is releasing 3 new yo-yos in honor of Helga the Winter Solstice Ice Queen. From left to right we have the Papier-Mache, Flanger or Falcon (name not yet finalized), and finally the # (Sharp). The Papier-Mache is a delrin version of the Electric Daisy with machined delrin sidecaps. The Flanger or Falcon is another delrin yo-yo made specifically for offstring play. The # is a larger version of the Electric Daisy powdercoated in a beatiful white.

These will hopefully be released just in time for the Christmas rush at your favorite online retailer. I’ve played with all of them and I’m thoroughly impressed with each one.

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It’s amazing what you can find when you’re not really looking. I’ve been doing a bit of trading lately, unsure of what to expect, trading has been extraordinary as of late.

Trading on the YoYoNation Yo-Yo forum has been a rollercoaster for me, tons of hills to climb, and ton’s of exhilarating falls. The Wooly Marmot is exhilarating. The description used on the YoYoNation retails store states the Wooly Marmot is the CLYW PEAK prodigy. There could be no better description.

Large bearing, flowable silicone, great size gap, unique finish, nothing to complain about, just play.

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Smaller yo-yo’s are made for folks with smaller hands, DUH. Ok, so that’s not completely true. My hands are normal, at least I’d like to believe they are, and the Caribou Lodge Campfire is a great fit. It’s considered undersized with full size play.

I picked up the campfire in trade, it has a few love marks, and it plays like a dream. This is a serious yo-yo. I am amazed that people are not raving about it. The original retail price was $75., a lot for any yo-yo, but nothing compared to some others on the market. 

Why do I like it so much? Well, besides the play, grinds, sleep time, size, shape, it is adorned with John Higby’s art work.

Edit: Seems I may have had this wrong. GRAMPA Kimmitt, Jenesen Kimmitt’s Grandfather states this art work is by JENSEN, not John Higby. My apologies. Both John and Jensen are wonderful artist.

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