I added these two babies to my collection thanks to Ernie over at General-Yo.  The larger silver colored yo-yo is The Magnum, a satin-polished, nickel-plated, full-sized yo-yo made out of pure magnesium.  It isn’t a fast player, but it feels real good in the hand.  The addition of the wooden box which was hand turned from one piece of wood by Ernie’s father really makes this something special.  As I understand, not all pieces will come with a box so I was one of the lucky ones.

I also want to thank Ernie for making something special for me.  A custom engraved ministar, with the name “glasseye” laser-engraved on one side (not shown).  How dope is that?  Many many many thanks to General-Yo for the nice surprise.  General-Yo is really making a big impact on the yo-yo scene here in Southern California.  It’s definitely one of the favorite throws of many of the players in the area.

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