I got my mitts on the latest throw from SPYY, the Revenger. I gotta say, it’s a keeper. So I’ve noticed lately I’ve been getting into more of a wide yo-yo. The Revenger is coming in at just under 48mm wide, the only yo-yo I own that is wider is the YoYoFactory SuperWide. After a little break in time the Revenger started grooving. The “out of box” play was nice, but once the bearing started loosening up the yo-yo was flowing. For such a large yo-yo it sure does play light, 66 grams. As for the play, SOLID. It’s the one thing I’ve noticed from all SPYY yo-yo’s, they are solid. It’s a keeper in my bag.


Update: I just found out that YoYoExpert still has a few Revengers in stock.

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