I’ve never heard of such a creature, Gnarwhal. Have you? I’m sure glad I came across this mythical lurker. Looks sure can be deceiving. As mean and fierce as the Gnarwhal looks it is a player lover in the end. Continuing my love with wide yo-yo’s this Caribou Lodge creation measures 41.4mm wide. The weight is a little more than my liking, 66 grams, however it is distributed so well I am learning to adapt with easy.

What’s not too love, large string gap, bind response, great looks, well distributed weight, and serious spin times. So glad I ran into this creature. Keep an eye out over at YoYoExpert for special releases from time to time, be quick tho, these babies sell fast.

On a side note, I’ve noticed a trend of players steering away from brighter colors, like this pink. Weird how things change. I love this color combo, Props to the Lodge. Plus, “Real Men Wear Pink”.

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