Metal or Plastic, what’s your poison? As of late yo-yo manufactures have been pumping out both in mass quantities. Adegle has released a product that just make metal yo-yo’s cringe. The PSG, (Plastic Sand Glass), is the latest release from Adegle, a Taiwan based yo-yo producer.  For $20 shipped in the USA, you just can’t go wrong. What makes this plastic yo-yo special is it’s not designed for the beginner, like most plastics. This yo-yo is designed for the advanced player, it requires a bind for the yo-yo to come back to your hand.

I am a HUGE fan of the YoYoFactory DieNasty, another fine playing plastic yo-yo. This PSG has a different shape and gives the DieNasty a run for the money. I tried to play with both back to back to see the differences, it was tough. The DieNasty has a more stable platform, but the PSG spins forever. Point being they are both different, just happen to be in the same price range. I’d get them both and skip some of the more expensive metals out there.

“Don’t Call it a Come Back”, Johnnie D, aka Steel JD, aka World Champ, aka HitMan, aka Johnnie Delvalle has reopened his on-line yo-yo store YoYoBestBuy. The store has a new look and has started to stock some great items, such as the PSG. One of the awesome features about the store is shipping cost. Check it out to see what I’m talking about.

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One Response to “PSG by Adegle”

  1. bangyo486 Says:

    already have one so hury up an get on. they’re great!!!!

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