blue screenMy life is like a blue screen. I’m sitting here in a Super 8 in San Bruno (right next to the San Francisco Airport) on my laptop and I’m wondering when the heck I’m going to be able to adjust back to a normal routine in life. I’ve spent more time in hotel rooms in the last six weeks than I have in the last six years. Amazingly it’s triggered something in my brain and I’ve been
focusing alot on yo-yos again. So what’s new you ask? Well first off I am releasing TGL Experiment 05. Exciting isn’t it? After over three years of dormancy, I’ve put together another video. This one was edited in yep… you guessed it, another hotel room last night in Watsonville, CA. So you’ll understand why… ermm …well why it came out this way.

Another thing I’ve begun to do is archive all the videos by our DXL Crew members in Brazil (with their permission of course). They have so many great videos that aren’t linked anywhere except from the II web board so now it should be much easier to find their vids whenever you need to download them. You can find the DXL Brazil vids as well as Experiment 5 in the Large Videos section.

So while I’m writing tonight (I’m probably subconsciously hoping to make up for the last few years hahaha) let me inform you guys of some dates coming up. First I’d like to call a DXL meeting in June… I’m still not sure if this is possible given my current commitments, but I’ll post on the II webboards if I can hold one. In July on the 3rd I will be doing two demonstrations for Duncan (awwwww yeah baby!) at the San Diego and North Island Navy Exchanges in the San Diego Area. I don’t know the times yet, but I’ll be at one store in the morning and the other in the early afternoon so come hang out with Sibyl and I. I’ll post exact times when they’re confirmed. Then on July 10 Bride with the help of his minions will be throwing the Southwest Regionals so come support. And yes, July 10 is just 5 days before my birthday so you can bring all the gifts you want to the contest. ;) hehehe. It’s confirmed, I’ll be going to worlds this year and I’m bringing Sib, Jez, and Fee with me! DXL Crew is gonna be all up in Florida!

I guess that’s my update for today (and hopefully not for the rest of the year). Mr. Jack Ringca and I invaded another country a few weeks ago mesmerizing people with our freehand play and I plan on releasing a video of our incredible time there. But I have 10 hours of footage and I’ve only gone through 3 hours so far. But keep your eye out for more updates! Double Xtra Luv!

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