Super Hyper Magic!So super hyper magic man himself… aka Rafael Matsunga is currently in town and we hung out at the Santa Monica pier for a couple of hours last night. He was showing off some of his new super hyper magic freehand tricks and blew away hundreds of spectators. A young woman in her early twenties approached me and asked “How are you able to do such incredible tricks?” I pointed to Rafa and said, “Ask him for he is wise and from Brazil. Plus he’s on both DXL and Duncan.” She proceeded to exlaim, “Oh wise one, show me where one attains such skill!” Time seemed to stand still as Rafa’s gaze focused on the woman. “I am and always will be SUPER HYPER MAGIC MAN. None shall obtain my secrets, for they are MAGIC.” exclaimed Rafa in a thunderous voice. I can only consider myself lucky to witness Rafa speak those very words. It’s a story I will pass on to my children, and my children’s children.

Seriously though, it was great seeing this guy again. He had some amazing tricks and I can’t wait to see him defend his title at Worlds. Thanks for all the great stuff Rafa and TITI!!!!

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