I was talking with my girlfriend last night and we came to the conclusion that if you’re a die-hard yoer, spintopper, or juggler… you are a FREAK!!! And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Normal is boring. So be proud and stand tall you FREAKS!

If you’ve been having problems getting this page to load fully, sorry. I know it has to do with the pop-up window code that crosswinds added, but I can’t figure out how to get it to load properly each time. Until I find a solution, the best thing to try is to hit refresh or reload a couple of times. If it still doesn’t load, try flushing your browser’s cache. Hope that helps.

If you’re going to the String Burner’s meeting this Saturday, polish up your tricks cause I MIGHT show up with a video camera. I’ll be shooting for The Glass Lab Experiment 03! I have all the footage I need for The Glass Lab Experiment 02 which is in it’s early stages of development. Just keep checkin back here for any news.

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