No doubt you’ve had some love for Saturn Precision YoYo’s. I’ve had my chance to have  a few in my collection. I put a group of photo’s together to show some of the amazing details. Nothing new here, just some images I like.

The first SPYY I picke up, The Radian

Next addition was the Addict.

The roundness makes if feel great in the hand. One of the best balanced yo-yo’s I’ve tossed.

The Spyder was next, She was a wide yo-yo.

You have to do this color combo with a yo-yo named Spyder, it’s a must. What a looker.

Based off of the old wester style gun holsters, The Pistolero.

She’s HOTT.

The detail of the engraving is amazing.

With the help of 5A Player JonRob, SPYY desinged The Pure.

Due to the challenging machining work involved, there will be no more Pure’s produced. Look at the curve of the side cap, stunning.

Designed for 5A play, she can be used for just about anything.

SPYY has had several other model’s, these are just a few of my favorites. Rumor has it there are a few others in the works.

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