is a project that was started by glasseye in September 2000 chronicling his life and yo-yo adventures through the years.  Though the website hit some long stretches without new posts, glasseye remains intent on keeping it updated, especially with content pertaining to the Southern California yo-yo scene.

The Staff:

glasseye profileglasseye began yo-yoing back in 1998.  From his love of the community he created which grew from humble beginnings to one of the biggest and longest standing yo-yo dedicated sites ever.  He is also of the leader and co-founder of the world famous DXL Crew, has been a member of the U.S. Duncan Crew since it’s inception in 2000, and is the organizer of the DXL Battle Championships.

samprofileSebastian Brock joined in March 2010 bringing with him his unique style and personality. Sebastian has been yo-yoing since 2005 and since then has managed to place 3rd at the 2008 World Yo-Yo Contest. He was also named the AYYA Champion of 2008. Sebastian Brock is sponsored by CLYW.

samprofileSam Lopez joined in July 2009 to bring his video series “Elements” to the lab in which he breaks down specific trick elements and explains how to use them. Sam is always studying new concepts and theories but still has a deep respect for the old school and is constantly revisiting old tricks in new ways. He is also an excellent teacher and one of the main gurus at the Southern California yo-yo classes. Sam is sponsored by General-Yo and a member of the DXL Crew.

Yotoy profileYotoy was asked to join the ranks of in July 2009. Yotoy has been yo-yoing since 1996 and has amassed a very large collection of rare and unique yo-yos. His amazing photography skills coupled with his even more amazing collection is sure to bring in some very interesting posts on

“The USA hasnt had a great yoyo site since theglasslab was at its prime.” – Ben McPhee of Yo-Yo Factory Feb. 2009

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