Jason Lee shows us once again why he holds a National Trick Innovator of the Year title. Jason is one of the most creative minds in yo-yoing. It was great to be able to get together with him and put together another video like we’ve been doing since 2000. It’s been about 3 years since Jason left Southern California to go serve in the military overseas. I was glad to have him back home even for just a little bit before he heads off again, this time to Asia.

Warning: The video contains some adult language in it, so please keep that in mind before viewing.

Player: Jason Lee (DXL Crew, yoyofactory)
Filming and Editing: glasseye (DXL Crew, Duncan, theglasslab.com)
Music: Loyal by Tonedeff

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So I’ve been drooling over these bad boy’s for a while now. The appeal for me was the smaller diameter. They look very similar to the YoYoFactory Genesis, they are very different. The smaller body makes the yo-yo more comfortable in my hand. It’s simple, she’s a keeper.

She looks good spinning, and the bonus, it has been endorsed by one of the worlds best yo-yo players, Yuuki Spencer.

Some Stats:

65 Grams Weight

39mm Width

50mm Diameter

4.7mm Gap Width

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Sleep//like a royal(Subject) from theglasslab.com on Vimeo.

I filmed this video for RecRev a couple weeks ago. Finally had a chance to piece it together. This place was a pain to get to but worth it. Featuring RecRev team members Kalani Bergdorf, Alex Kim, and Anthony Rojas. Hope you enjoy it.

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RecRev is releasing 3 new yo-yos in honor of Helga the Winter Solstice Ice Queen. From left to right we have the Papier-Mache, Flanger or Falcon (name not yet finalized), and finally the # (Sharp). The Papier-Mache is a delrin version of the Electric Daisy with machined delrin sidecaps. The Flanger or Falcon is another delrin yo-yo made specifically for offstring play. The # is a larger version of the Electric Daisy powdercoated in a beatiful white.

These will hopefully be released just in time for the Christmas rush at your favorite online retailer. I’ve played with all of them and I’m thoroughly impressed with each one.

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It’s amazing what you can find when you’re not really looking. I’ve been doing a bit of trading lately, unsure of what to expect, trading has been extraordinary as of late.

Trading on the YoYoNation Yo-Yo forum has been a rollercoaster for me, tons of hills to climb, and ton’s of exhilarating falls. The Wooly Marmot is exhilarating. The description used on the YoYoNation retails store states the Wooly Marmot is the CLYW PEAK prodigy. There could be no better description.

Large bearing, flowable silicone, great size gap, unique finish, nothing to complain about, just play.

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Smaller yo-yo’s are made for folks with smaller hands, DUH. Ok, so that’s not completely true. My hands are normal, at least I’d like to believe they are, and the Caribou Lodge Campfire is a great fit. It’s considered undersized with full size play.

I picked up the campfire in trade, it has a few love marks, and it plays like a dream. This is a serious yo-yo. I am amazed that people are not raving about it. The original retail price was $75., a lot for any yo-yo, but nothing compared to some others on the market. 

Why do I like it so much? Well, besides the play, grinds, sleep time, size, shape, it is adorned with John Higby’s art work.

Edit: Seems I may have had this wrong. GRAMPA Kimmitt, Jenesen Kimmitt’s Grandfather states this art work is by JENSEN, not John Higby. My apologies. Both John and Jensen are wonderful artist.

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I’ve been playing with the YoYoFactory DieNasty for a while now. I refer to it as, “The FreeHand Killer”. The reason for the nick name, prior to the DieNasty the only plastic yo-yo I would play with was the Duncan FreeHand. Not so anymore, now the YoYoFactory plastic line is my go to plastic.

When the Glow edition was released I had to pick one up. The glow is really just a novelty, it only glows so long. It was different enough for me to desire one. The yo-yo is awesome, regardless of glowability, (did I just create a word).

The glow bracelet next to the yo-yo is from the GlowStrong campaign. My buddy Doug Grice has been selling these glow bracelets to help support cancer research. The cause is awesome, the donation is cheap, what’s not to like.

Visit http://www.glowstrong.org/donations.htm for more information.

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This is IT. The one for me. The new throw I can’t put down. And it glows. Seriously the one plastic yo-yo I’ve been wanting. The yo-yo that possesses all those little characteristics I didn’t even know I wanted.

For my aging hands and wrist the StarLight weight is ideal. Weight is a tad over 65 grams. The spin time is courtesy of the best bearing to come out lately, A large Central Bearing Company bearing. The yo-yo is brought back to the hand with the help of a slim silicone pad. The slight “H” shape helps nail down some of those laceration tricks I’ve been missing. You get all this technology and play for under $25.00 How on earth can you go wrong?

The yo-yo is not a beginner’s yo-yo, it does require a bind for return. I use a thicker string to help with the gap. If your reading this blog I’d be willing to bet you are way past learning binds anyway.

If this is a sign of what’s to come from the YoYoFactory plastic line, I’m getting pretty excited.

The glow panda and glow string do not come with the yo-yo. These were courtesy of my buddy Doug Grice, THE Glow Collector.

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I am no champion, but the new YoYoFactory NorthStar sure does make me feel like one.

 Jensen Kimmitt of Team YoYoFactory is a Champ. In fact Jensen is the 2010 World Single A division Champion. His influence on this plastic beauty is immense. The last few years the yo-yo player who won the World Yo-Yo Contest Single A division has used a aluminum yo-yo. This year Jensen Kimmitt won using his signature plastic model, NorthStar.

 I wasn’t sure what to expect from the NorthStar. Once I started throwing the yo-yo I knew it was special. I think there is some of Jensen’s mojo stuffed in each NorthStar. The yo-yo is a true player model, designed by and for true yo-yo players. There is only one plastic yo-yo in my collection that out plays the NorthStar. I’ll share that with you soon.

There are review’s all over the web, the one endorsement you really need is on the side of the yo-yo, Get Some!

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So I’ve been sorting through my old yo-yo’s. Came across a few Hitman by YoYoJam. I’ve always loved the shape and size of the Hitman. The stock response on the other hand is something I’ve always despised. Living in the desert, very dry conditions, the stock response, rubber O-Ring, in the Hitman would crack, dry up, or just plain fail. The stock weight is a little on the light side and the gap a little narrow. I still have major love for the Hitman.

 The Re-Do made a world of difference. Some simple silicone for response, shim the bearing out, add a tad bit of weight, and toss in a concave bearing and we have a winner. The only gripe now, and it’s a small one, vibration. All yo-yo’s vibrate, this one is just a little more noticeable.

 On to the art work. This Hitman was decorated by KC Jewel, aka John Rollins and John Higby. I just love the faded stars.

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